February 26, 2013

The new King of Crash!

PhotoGrid_1361601959261When my oldest started walking, he started falling.  And soon after was dubbed the King of Crash.  Skinned knees and even a chipped tooth.  I was so close to making him wear a helmet every day.  He was not afraid to climb or jump.  But he was also cautious.  Just accident prone.  Is that possible?

Then along came Alexander.  Last Monday he tripped on the basketball court and scraped up his elbow.  Thursday he bit almost completely though his lip and Sunday he caught his legs under the teeter totter.  Well that last one was mostly because the original King decided to jump off while the little one was still way in the air.  That blood curdling scream and the pain in your stomach when you see your baby crying.  He is scraped and bruised from the lip down!  I just want one blood and tear free week. But I think that might be a little to much to ask for with these boys.

I can hear my dad telling me, "boys will be boys".  But these two will have my hair gray by the summer at the rate they are going!  Is there some sort of bubble wrap suit out there that I can buy?  Id be willing to pay top dollar for it.  Am I the only one with such accident prone kids? It can't get worse than this can it?  Oh please say no! I told David that if I take Alex in for one more accident they are going to start looking at my funny.  Go figure, I make a point to get my kids outdoors and more active and I wind up getting accused of something! Now that would be just MY luck.  

My boys are happy and healthy but very rough and tough little Kings of Crash!  


  1. Oh my, bless his heart! I raised three boys, so I can definitely relate to this post. Always bumps and bruises in our home!!

    I am your latest follower and look forward to visiting again soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    stopping by from Our Everyday Harvest Blog Hop

    1. So Im not the only one. Phew! Love your blog. Followed back :)