February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 2/11/13

Ever get half way though the week and realize you need that one thing to finish dinner.  Yes that one thing that you forgot to get.  This happens to me all to often.  The only problem is that I can't just run to the store and get it.  I can't drive.  Yes I could ask a neighbor or my in laws  but I try to keep the favors to a minimum. Each week I collect ideas for dinner and on the weekends (usually) I write out my shopping list.  Check and double check before we go to the store.  

Cooking is something I have always loved to do.  Thanks to a father who was an amazing cook.  We ate good in our house.   When I wanted mac and cheese from the blue box like my friends had, he would come home with what ever kinds of cheese they had at the only store on the island and make me the best mac and cheese a kid could ask for. I would pout about it until I tasted it.  I really loved that he loved cooking for us and I hope to do that for my boys. 

To be honest I have kind of fallen into a pretty small rotation of meals.  And it is getting kind of boring.  My transplant team has asked that I keep my diet low sodium.  My hematologist has asked that I limit my vitamin K or keep it at the exact amount daily so I don't throw off my medication.  And I have been really bad about following them.  Mostly what I need is a variety.  I think I am going to make it a rule that every week must have 2 new recipes.  And I am going to be better at sticking to my doctors recommendations too.  Ive done it before, I just need to find a way to merge that all into meals the whole family can enjoy.

So to hold myself accountable, I have decided to join The Organizing Junkie and her Menu Plan Mondays.  Now remember that I have commitment issues so I will try my best to share each Monday.  I might be a day late or skip a week.  I'm only human.  But I hope this will become a regular here for me.  So lets kick it off with this weeks dinners.

Monday- Tonight I think we will be our clean out the fridge day.  There is leftover pizza and salad and chicken.  David still isn't feeling well so we are going to the Dr.  So if we get home later than expected I'm glad to know dinner is taken care of already.

Tuesday - 2 Bean Chicken from The Gracious Pantry.  All I needed to see was this picture and it was decided, I'm so making this.  Looks good right?!  

Wednesday - Its Ash Wednesday.  Keeping it easy with a tuna casserole and salads.

Thursday - Herb Crusted Pork Chops with vegetable-tian and brown rice.

Friday - Garlic Chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots. 

Saturday - Im going to try Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli served over white or fried rice.  Not sure yet.

So there is what will be cooking up over here.  For more recipes and to check out more menus stop by I'm an Organizing Junkie.   What is on your menu?


  1. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday link up :-). Sounds like you are a bit new to menu planning? I LOVE it as my days go so much smoother when I know ahead of time what's for supper. I prayed for you that you would receive your liver transplant.

  2. I love the gracious pantry. She has such great recipes. That one looks so good!! Menu planning makes everything easier but I too could use a little more variety! Have a great day!

  3. WOW, all those dinners sound delicious. I am pinning to look up the recipes!

    You are so good. No matter how hard I try, i always always always have to go back to the store.

    It's annoying.

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