February 5, 2013

9 years down

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.  Although there wasn't much of a wedding.  It was a very last minuet kind of thing.  Not that we were rushing, but it was then or we would have to wait another year.

Davids parents had come out to FL to visit.  It was the end of January and we decided to escape the busy rainy Disney scene and head down to the Keys.  It was still cool but beautiful down there.  We had just stopped to have some dinner at a Pizza Hut and while we were sitting we were talking about my engagement ring.  Davids mom promptly pointed out that under no circumstances were we allowed to get married with out her.  So when they asked when the date was, David joked that we would do it before they left if they really wanted to be there! Except, he wasn't really joking.

A week and a few tan lines later, we drove to the courthouse and got our marriage licence. A few days later we were husband and wife.

My mother had secretly flown my oldest sister down from Massachusetts.  She had always said I couldn't get married with out her.  I didn't realize she was so serious until I went to pick up my Mom and she was hiding behind the door!  Best surprise ever.  She brought with her something new and blue.  My garter.  Don't you know we got to the court house and realized we had no rings.  Que the In Laws with the "old and borrowed".  Their rings fit us perfectly.

It wasn't until years later when someone asked me about silver in my shoe.  I guess its supposed to bring wealth and financial security.  That explains a lot!  I may be poor in money but I am beyond rich in love.

I can not imagine a life with out David.  He is my rock. Keeping me grounded.  He is my glue. Holding me together.  He is my heart. Filling me with love.  He supports my dreams and our family.  He provides and keep us safe.  He is not one to argue or pick a fight.  He is calm and collected with our boys.  And he always knows just what to say to and what not to say to make me feel better.  And he can deal with my sarcasm and attitude.  We are two complete opposites who somehow fount a way to make it work.

The view from way up there is amazing!
David took a few days off and we went out to dinner last night.  It was our first time at the Chart House but it will not be our last.  Holy Caesar Salad.  And my steak was perfect too.  Next time I will have to force myself to try something new.  We got a window seat and it was so neat to watch the city spin by from so high.  Afterwards we took a little walk before heading home.  Truth is, we have never made a really big deal of our anniversary.  Every now and then I get a card or flowers, but this year was the first year we went out to eat.  It was nice.  Next year, I am requesting a hotel room, with big fluffy pillows and a cold comforter.  Then I will sleep for 24 hours straight!  Now that sounds perfect.

Question time!  How do you celebrate your anniversary?  What is the most romantic or unromantic thing you or your spouse have done?

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