January 1, 2013

Hope for 2013

Did all that you wished would come true last year really come true?  Did you keep the resolutions you made and accomplish the goals you set out for the year?  Looking back at my Hope for 2012 Id like to think that a lot of my hopes happened.  Most of my hopes were for my family.  And while many of my hopes for my brothers and sisters came true, this was a hard year for us.  One of my hopes was that we would all get together.  In July, we all came together to say goodbye to our Father.  His one wish was always for us to be under the same roof at one time.  Just like the old days.  I wish he could have been there to see us all.

Last year I wrote:
"I am hoping for good health for me.  If this is not the year I get my liver, God please let Anna have hers.  Give her the chance to enjoy the rest of her teen years.  She is only a child.  If I could, I would let every child go before me.  But in my heart, even if its selfish, I pray for my call too.  How could I not with 2 little boys of my own.  If anyone gets their gift in the new year, I hope it is Anna!  You can read more about Anna's story HERE!"
Guess what!  ANNA GOT HER LIVER!!!  God is great!

My health was great this year.  No major trips to the hospital, no surprises.  My appointments have spread out.  Ive been able to accept my limitations and still do things I wanted to do.  I was able to step back from a few things and step up for others, without feeling guilty. 

There are a few things I need to work on this year.  And I am beyond excited to dive in.  Here are some things I hope to do this year.

Spend more time outside with the boys.  All this cold has me itching for some sunshine.

Go on more walks.  Preferably by myself or with the dogs.

Explore more parks.  The boys insist we find swings...

More family adventures.  Camping, fishing, hiking.  I want to do it all

Date nights.  Adults only.  No Exceptions!

Mom Dates.  No Dads.  No Brothers.  No Exceptions!  Unless Dad is driving us :)

Write more.  Even if its about day to day stuff.   I am not confined to one subject.

Pick up my camera again.  I miss the feel of it in my hands.  I love my phone, but...

What are some things you hope to do this year?  Big or small I think setting goals is such a fun thing to do.  When you can cross something off the list at the end of the year it feels so great.  And when you look at the things you can't cross of remember...


  1. I love that "When the world says give up, Hope whispers, try it one more time"

    1. Me too :) I came across the quote after I was diagnosed with liver failure. Hence the name of the blog! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Great Attitude and wonderful goals Kimberly. You are always in my prayers and think of you often.

    1. Thank You David. Im trying! Hope all is well with you and the family!

  3. I vote for more family adventures. I have very few with my family, because my mom hates travel, so it's something I'm jealous of others' kids memories

    1. One of my greatest childhood memories was camping and fishing. I remember the sounds and smells. I can't help but smile when I remember them. I want that for my boys!

  4. I would love to be a more patient parent, find a bit more balance in life itself, and work in some kind of exercise in that balance!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. Oh Patience. I could use some more of that! Balance and exercise too! Thank You for visiting!