November 10, 2012

To post or not to post...

Day 10: Should people post about their (or loved ones) health on Facebook? Why/why not?

It seems now days if you want to know something, you check your Facebook.  You can get the scoop on just about everything.  Do I post about everything?  I used to.  Not so much these days and there is a few reasons why.

When I first got sick, I was posting updates often about what was going on with me.  And someone actually had the nerve to ask me if it was pity I wanted.  Talk about getting the rug pulled out from underneath you.  Here I was trying to keep my family updated and share my frustrations, only to have someone thing I was doing it for attention.  That is when I got found out about Twitter.  And I've been a social media junkie since then.

Once I realized that people actually read what I was writing and a friend suggested it, I got a FB page for the blog and now I have a safe place to talk about whatever I want.  So I thought.  Wouldn't you know I had someone say something about me making a page for the blog too.  I guess some people just have to try and bring others down.  I am so glad that I know far more positive than negative people.  Because mean people suck.

I have no problem talking about my health, but when it comes to talking about someone else, I always feel like I am over stepping.  If there is something going on, say someone I know is sick, I will ask for a prayer request.  I will pass along information about other conditions and help spread awareness.  Always positive and never anything that will hurt someones feelings.  But I know that some information is better left to the person themselves to share.

When my father passed, someone posted about it on Facebook before we even had a chance to tell all of the family.  None of us had posted about it.  It was horrible.  Even though I know the person meant well.  It was just something so personal and I was already in so much pain that I saw red.  I would never EVER post about someones passing unless their family had mentioned it first.  Same goes for someone who is sick.  What if you posted and their family still had no clue.

It comes down to there being a limit on how much and what you share.  It should always be for a good reason.  To ask for support and prayers.  To spread awareness and truths.  But never to call someone out on being sick.   You just have to know what is yours to tell and what is not.  Do I think its OK to share some information? Of course.  But who knew, even I have to draw a line somewhere.

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  1. well, On twitter, I would Post in pain.. and Not well, some people were Like, your such a Downer.. I'm like it's MY LIFE!! Hello,people! Then some people on my blog said, that some stuff wasn't right but it was! & ever since then. I'm so careful at what On post there.. but we already have a lot to deal with! People just don't understand! :)
    Xo Pam