November 9, 2012

Sent with love

Day 9:  Create the perfect care package for your members or fellow patients OR Tell a descriptive story about a memory.  OR in my case a memory about a care package because I cant follow rules...

Who doesn't love care packages?  Its nice to know that someone was thinking about you.  Someone took the time to pick out a few things and send them to you, just because.  I have been blessed.  One of my school teachers sends cards and flowers on a pretty regular basis.  So much so that the boys think she is there aunt because she shows them so much love.  When I was pregnant she would send boxes of books to keep me busy and I loved everyone of them.

Dad used to send me boxes too.  I once told him how I wanted to try a new recipe for dinner, but was intimidated because the recipe called for so many spices.  Many that I didn't have.  A few weeks later, when the recipe was gone and forgotten, I received a box.  I could tell it was from him just by the way he wrote my name.  He also misspelled the address...again.  It made me laugh because he would always ask for it and as many times as I gave it to him, the numbers or spelling were always off.  But I got it and that is all that matters.  I rushed home to open it.  There inside of it was every spice needed to make the dish we had talked about.  Each in their own little bags on which he had labeled for me.  Included was a note with an apology because there he didn't have cumin.  Although he knew very well that I would have that on hand.  He included two little prayer books that he and my sister had written in for me.  I remember feeling so loved that it brought me to tears.  I cried over spices!

The box is still in my pantry.  I see his handwriting every time I grab some spices out.  Inside the box, the bags are still sealed.  The writing has faded and I have no clue what half of them are any more.  The bag of curry powder has broken open and every time I open the door the smell hits me and I rememeber this day all over again..  I don't know if I will ever use them.  I was going to use the nutmeg once, but went out and got some instead.  If I used them they will be gone.  He is gone.  But the memory will forever be with me.  And so will he.

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