November 30, 2012


Another month has come and gone.  And yet again, I didn't finish the whole challenge.  I won't lie, half way though when I was sick, I told myself to stop doing all these challenges if I wasn't going to finish them.  Yes I missed more days than I wanted to, including my two free passes.  But the other part of me wants to try again.  And that's what this whole blog is about right?  Life knocks me down on what seems like a monthly basis.  But I'm still here, trying again and again.  So I will do the next challenge and I will do better.  

This month was a lot of fun.  And challenging.  I enjoyed sharing my story.  Some post were simple and sweet like If I could go anywhere and My 3 things.  I shared a few of my Favorite Blogs and Twitter Friends.  The prompt that opened my eyes the most was Choosing life or death.  This year has been so full of hurt and pain and it was nice to write it all out.  That's what I love about writing sometimes you don't really understand your feelings until you put them out there.   I choose life and I know that, but writing it out reminded me again of why.

I really wish I had finished the whole challenge, but I didn't and I can't take it back, so I just have to accept it and try harder next time.  Half way though the month, I honestly wanted to quit.  I was sick and miserable. I missed a few days here and was behind on my photo challenge.  But then I remembered the quote.  Its how this blog was named and its what has gotten me though some really low times.  And so I keep on trying.  And I don't plan on giving up.  Here is to another month and a strong finish to the year.  

When life says give up, Hope whispers try one more time.  

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