November 18, 2012


Thursday and Friday were spent in bed.  I would have stayed in bed all day today, but we bought a new car and since I'm on the title, yes even though I don't drive, I had to go along.  All I know is that I don't have time to be sick! I am working up an EPIC Thanksgiving.  One that I think will go down in the book in my family.  Super excited, and now I'm super sick.

I have my posts for the last few days all half written so I will either post a few tomorrow or I will just pick up where I left off.  Depends on how I feel.  But for now, this is all I got.  

Life is on pause till mommy gets better.  Pizzas for dinner and a little extra screen time.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be better.  Or at least 50%.  How is it that living everyday with a time bomb of a liver is easy compared to this.  I am miserable.  How come no one brings me soup in bed and flips the towel on my forehead over for me!  Whatever, sucking it all up now and dragging my butt back to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And I'm gonna be better in the morning.  I am!  Right?  

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