June 19, 2012

Sharing our Spoons Week #7

“Sharing Our Spoons” will be a weekly link-up where you are able to find support and encouragement to focus on your entire health. Not just physical but all of you. For this link-up you will be able to choose holistic goals to help you achieve optimal health. The five goals include: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Something Fun and a Bonus.

Ok, I  took a few weeks off because I was sick and dealing with some things, but I'm back and ready to set myself some goals.  I was horrible at keeping up with the last ones because I was pretty much in bed for the last 2 weeks.  But I'm feeling better about everything so here we go.
  1. Physical: Exercise at least 3 times this week.  I'm still feeling very tired, but I am trying to work my way through it and not wear myself out.  So I figured I would keep this goal open so that I could walk or ride or work out at home.  Who knows maybe I will get in the pool.  I think 3 days is manageable for now. 
  2. Mental/Emotional:  Read.  I love to read but hardly ever do.  And when I do, I can feel the stress leave my body.  I've read 5 books in the last 2 weeks and I really think that it has helped me get back to myself.  The only problem is apparently I read to fast and run out of books.  I have 7 more on hold at the library and I hope they come in soon.  If a book is available at another library, they will send it to the one closer to me.  That way instead of walking around the library, when I go in, they have them all together on the hold shelf for me.  One way to save some spoons :)
  3. Spiritual:  I am going  to take a highlighter to my prayer book.  Last night I felt like there was something I needed to read and it took me forever to find it.  I read though so many prayers and I kept telling myself to remember them, but with my mind, its impossible.  So I think I will highlight them.  Its not bad is it, to mark in my book?  Hope not.
  4. Something fun:  I think we are going to attack the "Summer List" over the next few days. A few of the things I am most looking forward to are the picnic, Sno Cones, swimming at night and a scavenger hunt.  Hopefully we will cross of at least 5 things this week.  Whats on your summer to do lists?
  5. BONUS: This week I have to make some phone calls.  I'm not sure what it is about talking on the phone, but I've become so used to text and emails that when I have to actually call someone, my palms get sweaty.  And this drives me nuts because I love the people I talk to and hate that we don't talk more.  So this weeks goal is to get back in touch with a few people I have been thinking about and actually call them.  Or Skype.  That makes it even more scary when they can actually see you! Ha! I clearly have some issues to deal with.
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  1. Great goals! I've been out of the loop for 2 weeks as well being in the hospital but I am looking forward to tackling some new goals!