May 31, 2012

Schools out for the Summer!

first and last day of1st grade
First and Last day of school.  Goodbye first grade hello second grade!


I hope one day you look back at pictures like these and know just how proud of you I am!  This year was a tough year, but you have come so far this year.  Your confidence and personality shine brighter than the sun.  You are a people person, a social butterfly.  Its hard to believe that just a few years ago you were a shy little boy who always kept to himself.  Its true though.  

The other day you brought home a book called "My Important Book".  All of your classmates wrote down things that are important about you.  Here are a few things they wrote to you.  

You are important because:
You love your little brother.
You always make 100s
You like to tell jokes
You are the smallest in class.

These things are all true.  Even though you and Alex don't always get along, you love him and he knows it.  Someday all the little fights over toys will be forgotten and you guys will see just how much you need each other.  Trust me.  Like I always tell you, he is the only brother you have, you will always be his big brother.  You almost got all 100's.  I think I count on one hand the times you didn't.  This is amazing Anthony.  You would get so upset when you were sick on practice test days, and still you rocked them!  So proud of you for that and you should be too!  Jokes should be your middle name.  Enough said.  And yes baby, you are the smallest in the class.  And you might always be.  But always remember that big things come in small packages.  You are going to do BIG things in life.  Just you wait and see.  The last sentence in the book says " The important thing about you, is that you are YOU!  You have really become your own this year.  You have your own style, your own opinions and your own ideas.  You truly are you and I love every part about you.  You rocked first grade.  I am so proud of all the hard work you put in this year.  I cant wait to see what you do next year.  

I love you more!

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