April 16, 2012


Day 16:  Pinboard. Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? 
Share the images in a post and explain why you chose them.

All the cool kids are on Pinterest!  And they are all pretty much hooked. I'm a cool kid!  I started a board a while back.  {Hope Whispers}.  Three of my favorite pins in there are...

This photo is my own.  Take at our first Donate Life walk.  He was so proud of his ribbon. Even the littlest something can make the biggest impact.  He sure knew how to put on a show.   And his sweet chubby cheeks were the perfect canvas for the green ribbon!


kmunozphoto.blogspot.com via Kim on Pinterest

This quote is what started this whole blog.  {Hope Whispers}  When I first read it, it gave me hope.  And I think its a great quote to hold onto for those of us living with chronic illnesses or caring for someone who is suffering too.  So many times we get to a point where we feel like we have no more fight left in us.  We just want to give up.  But there is something deep inside us, that little voice that tells us to keep going.  To try one more time.  That is HOPE!

                                                                   Source: blissfuljoyfulwonderful.blogspot.com via Kim on Pinterest

This ad  is one of the best I have seen for organ donation.  Just knowing that someone will have to die in order for me to live is a thought that crosses my mind all the time.  I can only imagine how thankful and blessed I will be. I will have a piece of them living in me.  Giving me more time with my family.  But how can I ever say thank you enough.  Yes I will write a letter to my donor family.  And yes I would love to meet them and hear more about the person who gave me that gift.  But this is someone I will never get to thank in person.  No hugs. And I love hugs!

                                                                       Source: adsoftheworld.com via Kim on Pinterest

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