April 23, 2012

Funeral, Fentanyl and Fun

A funeral, fentanyl and a little fun in the sun.  Yup, that about sums up last week.  The first few days of the week were spent with family.  Davids grandmother passed away.  We had to drive back up on Thursday so that I could have another endoscopy done on Friday.  And Saturday we unwound with a day at the beach.  I think it worked for most of us.  Except David who had to do all the driving.  Sorry Babe!  Sunday was spend grocery shopping and watching movies.  

When I started this challenge I fully intended to follow though and not miss a day.  But if anyone could understand life getting in the way it would be this community.  We all know that our illnesses and health problems can sometimes take over.  Life happens.  But we all find the strength to get back up and continue on with it.  I thought about going back and writing/finishing all the post for last week.  Y'all understand if I just jump back in and continue here right?  Please say yes.  So far this morning, I've managed to run out of my meds, wash and dry a load of the boys laundry with a mysterious stash of Starburst in one of their pants, and to top it all off, the little one peed in my bed.  So, please don't shoot me if I don't follow though.  Or do.

And today is a free day, so ha!  I will be spending the rest of my day, trying to get back on track after such a long week.  My body for one is not happy with me.  Way to much take out and way to little sleep and exercise.    The boys have been hopped up on a little to much sugar and so its going to be fun getting them back on a normal routine.  And Alex is actually throwing a tantrum as I type because he wants to go back to the beach.  Oh the joys!  I love my life.  As frustrating and complicated as it is, its mine and I love it! 

** Pictures to come **

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