April 25, 2012

Just a Memory

Todays Prompt:  Third person post. Write about a memory you have but describe it  using the third person. Use as many sensory images (sights, sounds, textures, etc) as you can. Don’t use “I” or “me” unless you include dialogue.

She smiled as he played at the end of the bed.  He raced the little cars up from one end of the foot board to the other.  The top of his head and his tiny hand the only thing visible from where she was laying.  Even though she couldn't see them, she could picture his lips, pressed together attempting to sound like a car, mostly just blowing raspberries.  The baby started to cry next to her.  They both knew what he wanted.  He latched on and was off in to dreamland before his brother even noticed he was awake again.  

The little boy climbed up on the bed and laid next to his little brother.  Glancing first at his baby brother and then to his mother.  He had the look on his face.  His eyes were shining with curiosity and excitement.  "Can he play yet" he asked.  "No baby, he is still to little to play with you" Mom replied softly.  "Can you play yet"?  "No baby, I cant play just yet".  Sadness swept over his face as his eyes began to fill with tears.  His lips began to pout.  

At the tender age of 4 he didn't understand why no one could play with him.  He knew that his mom said no, but why.  He grabbed the cars of the bed and went back to driving them on the foot board.  His mom watched him out of the corner of her eye.  The guilt that was brewing up inside her heart was beginning to be to much and tears rolled down her cheek.  She closed her eyes real tight and reminded herself of a promise she made.  Not to let them to see her crying.  She realized the room had grown quiet and she no longer hear the squeak of the cars being pushed along the wood.  She was afraid to open her eyes.  The room was bright and when she was finally able to focus, she saw his staring back at her.  He too had tears running down his cheeks. To late!  He ran to her and begged "Please don't die.  I love you Momma".  

She held out her hand and helped him climb back up on the bed.  He laid his head down on the pillow next to her and continued to sob.  As did she.  " Baby, I promise you this right now, I am going to be OK.  You are going to be OK.  Mommy is going to get better, you will see.  But first I will have to get sicker and I am going to need you to be strong for me.  OK?"  She wiped away his tears as he nodded back to her.  He closed his eyes and fell asleep.  She kissed the baby and then she kissed him.  His cheek still streaked from the tears.  

After a few deep breaths and a few more tears she looked at the two little boys sleeping next to her.  This is what she had always dreamed of.  She had come this far and there was no turning back.  She knew now more that ever that there would be no giving up.  She was sick.  The doctors were telling her that her only chance to live out a full life would be to have a complete liver transplant.  She smiled and wiped away the tears that were collecting on her chin.  Through all the pain and sadness she still had hope.  She would always have HOPE!


  1. A powerful and moving post! The descriptive terms that you used really made you feel as if you were there. Well done!

  2. Wow, Kim, what a touching story -- and so well-told, too!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog off the SA Moms Blog and added you to my Google Reader yesterday, so hi! And I hope today is a good day for you. :)

    1. Sarah! Welcome and thanks for reading! So far today has been good. Thank you so much for asking!