April 1, 2012

Health Time Capsule

Todays prompt:
 Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?

I think time capsules are awesome!  Ive never found on or made one, but not that I think of it, it would be fun to put one together.

Some of the personal things I would include would be
  • Ultrasound photos.  Wonder what they will be like by then?!
  • Photos of me with the boys and David. 
  • A few pages from my journal.
  • Letters like THIS one to the boys.  
  • A bottle of sand from Emon Beach and a pair of slippers.

Some things that would highlight my health focus would include
  • A hospital admissions bracelet.
  • One of the Hope for Kim bands
  • My donate life key chain.
  • A print out of the waiting list.
  • A hospital bill.
  • The letter stating that I was listed with UNOS
  • A few pages from my appointment journal

I would hope that someone who were to see these things would get a gimps of just who I am.  These things are all a part of me.  I hope in seeing the photos and reading the letter to my boys, they could feel in their hearts just how much I loved my life.  The sand and slippers represent where I came from and where I spend most of my days growing up.

I would hope from all the medical mementos they would be able to see both the struggle in things like the bills and the pages from my journal.  As well as the hope in my UNOS letter and the bands.  I pray that in 100 years they will look at the number of people on the transplant list and be outraged that there were ever more than 113,000 people waiting.  

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