March 26, 2012

Wait with me

Checking out the numbers this morning.  Its amazing how much they have gone up since I was listed.  And by amazing, I mean horrifying!  Here is the company I'm keeping.

Right now, waiting for a liver, there are:

16,071 in the US
2,083 in Region 4
1,832 in Texas
107 at Methodist

How many with Budd Chiari Syndrome like me?

106 in the US
6 in Region 4
5 in Texas
1 at Methodist <--that's me!

How many people are in the same19- 24 MELD range as I am?

1,662 in the US
251 in Region 4
224 in Texas
21 at Methodist

To most of you, these might seem like just a page full of numbers.  To me, its both hope and sadness.

Hope because I see my self slowly making my way up the list.  Little by little.  I know in my heart that this transplant is going to change my life and let me get back to being me.  One of these days, I will be one less person on the list.

Sadness because the numbers keep going up.  More and more people need transplants and there are not enough donors out there.  There are 113,594 people out there total waiting with me.  My heart breaks for them and their families.  As this is no easy journey for any of us.

Please if you haven't already, register to be an organ donor.  What greater gift to give than the gift of life?  Click the tab up top to learn more about organ donation and register!  It only takes a few minuets.

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