March 12, 2012

I'm alive

It has been a horrible week in this house.  My oldest has horrible allergies.  And gets sick if someone even thinks about coughing in the same room as him.  He stayed home the last 2 Fridays.  Its like he can make it up until Thursday and then crashes.  Come Friday night and the little one started coughing. By 4am Saturday, I was hacking up my lungs.  

So I missed my volunteer class.  I feel so horrible too!  I really hope that they understand.  But I figured they would be more thankful that I stayed home to cough my lungs up than to do it in a room full of transplant patients and their families.  One of the ladies had just called Friday afternoon to confirm and so that made it worse.  I called and emailed the lady who invited me, but haven't heard back yet.  

Its Monday now and my head still feels like its going to explode.  There was a schedule mix up and Anthony was never put in the system so we took a trip out to the hospital for nothing this morning.  We are going back tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure we all have the same crud, but with his Allergies, he is the worst off.  So he gets first pick.  

I haven't been this sick in a while.  Sick as in a cold.  My body is trying to give up on me, but I think I am winning so far.  David will tell you I was whining like a baby the other day.  I threatened to go sit out back and wait for the lightening to put me out of my misery, but it stopped storming before I could drag my butt out of bed.

Spring Break is a bust so far.  I'm hoping that we all get better fast because the weather is amazing outside and I'm hoping to soak up some sun.  This island girl is has lost her glow.  But first I need to lose this cold!  

**Just talked to the Mr. who said he is getting sicker by the hour and that his Day Quill isn't working.  Lord help us**

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  1. I am feeling for ya! Babe says I have never been this sick with a cold. What is in the air? You will all be in my prayers for sure.

    Much love,