March 15, 2012

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Earlier today I got a call from the hospital.  This time I recognized the caller id and I was told to always answer any calls from the hospital so I picked it up quickly.

The lady was calling to remind me that I need to have my labs rechecked because they expire on the 23rd.  I was confused because I just had an appointment on the 22nd and had my labs done them.  She explained to me that because my last MELD score was a 22 and that number is "getting up there" I need to have my labs rechecked more frequently.  So it looks like I will be making another trip up to the hospital.  Good thing its in town.

I'm pretty sure that my score will take a drop too.  At the time my INR was a 4.0 which is high.  And I just had labs done for my hematologist and he said that I was therapeutic, so I know it is between 2 and 3.  At least now I know why my arm sprung a leak when were were leaving the clinic!

Next week I go in for my appointment with my Hematologist.  I have a few questions that I need to ask too, so I'm anxious for that conversation.  I am going to check my blood pressure today and see what it is.  I'm worried about the blood flow to my heart.  I have read that low blood pressure is often caused by a decreased flow to the heart.  And now that I know my IVC is clotted off too, I think I have a right to be worried.  Can a heart dry up?  That's what I dream about at night!  So I need to check and make sure that isn't going to cause anymore problems for me.  Is is bad that I no longer feel that rush to get my questions answered.  A few years ago I would have been calling doctor after doctor to make sure everyone agrees.  Now, a few weeks wait doesn't seem so bad.

Next month I have my endoscopy to check for varices and portal hypertension.  Hopefully everything is good down there.  With this horrible cough I cant imagine its pretty down there.  Good thing its a month out!  I just hope that they give me pictures at this place too! It used to be that my GI Dr did them, but he has been phased out and as far as my liver goes, its all up to my transplant team now.  Sounds good to me.  Actually I'm looking forward to it.  David took the day off and will get to take me.  I hate going under when he isn't there.  Even if the whole procedure is under 30 mins.  But I feel that much safer knowing he will be there when I wake up.


  1. Are you feeling *any* better today?

  2. Debi, Today is a good day. Trying to make the most of my energy with out overdoing it. If only I had the energy the boys have :-) Thank You for asking. Hope all is well with you!