January 5, 2012

Update for today

Well both boys are finally sleeping, meds are down and have stayed down, and I'm about ready to crash out myself.  As soon as the eggs are done boiling for tomorrows lunch.  What an exciting night eh?

I had my appointment with my Hematologist today.  It was my first visit in his new office.  I LOVE this Dr.  He is amazing.  And even more amazing is he is hoping to have a coumadin clinic open soon.  For those who are reading with a funny face, the blood thinner I am on is called Coumadin.  Well technically I am on the generic, Warfarin, but same thing.  Anyways this has to be monitored very closely, so that means monthly blood draws, which when my numbers are bouncing around can lead to weekly blood draws and you get the picture.   My poor veins are tired.  But with a Coumadin Clinic, I could walk in, get a quick and almost painless finger stick and even better have my results right there!  So much better than waiting on the labs.  So thats good news!  Bad news would be that my INR is 3.6 and thats a little high. We are going to recheck in a week and adjust my meds from there.  I want to be between 2 and 3.  We will see what a week does.

My blood pressure was 98/62.  Low but nothing that concerned him.  So I'm going to just go with it for now.  The nurse said I must be really relaxed!  I laughed and told her that I felt half dead.  I was so tired, I fell asleep in the exam room.  Good think the Dr was running a little late, because I got a quick 10 min power nap.  Didn't help much.  I still came home and was in bed till almost 7 I think.

This fatigue is killing me. I'm trying so hard to push though it but its so hard these days.  I wonder if something else is off somewhere.  I will find out in a month when I go back for more blood work at the Liver Clinic.  And I have my MRI that same day.  I think I'm going on my 14th MRI in the last 4 years.  Its to the point where I fall asleep in there!  And I actually love getting my IV flushed.  Its refreshing.

 I'm so glad its almost the weekend.  Looking forward to some park time with the family if the weather agrees.  And hopefully my body agrees too.  Here's to hope!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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