January 9, 2012

Let there be blood

I was thinking this year I would start something a little different.  Most of my posts here are about how all of medical problems affect my life, but never so much about the actual problem.  And so I figured to help you guys as well as myself understand the hows and whys, I would designate a day of the week to talk about it!  Sounds like so much fun I know!  So it will be a Medic Monday!  And if anyone has any questions, please ask because if I cant answer them, I know a few doctors that can.

I figured today I would start by going way back.  Back before I even knew I was sick.  Way back 29 years ago when I was born, because that is when it all started.  See I didn't just magically get a blood clot in my liver. It wasn't from drinking or doing drugs.  My problem started as soon as the blood started pumping though my tiny little body.  Thanks to the Prothrombin Gene Mutation G20210A.  Its a mouthful, but that is what started it all.

I have heard of someone who bled easily(hemophilia) but never of someone who clots easily (thrombophilia). This gene mutation causes my blood to create more Prothrombin protein, making it more likely for me to get a blood clot. Its a hereditary gene passed down to me from my father.  Something he wasn't aware he had till he was tested for it.  Its a quick blood test that has to be asked for by a doctor.  Its not something that is checked for in any regular blood work.

The normal range for someone who isn't on medication is 1 an can differ a few points up or down.  For me personally, I am being kept at a 2-3.  The higher the number the thinner the blood and an increased chance of a bleed.  A lower number will mean thicker blood and an increased chance of a clot.  So you can see why my meds are always being adjusted.

Last week I had labs and my INR was 3.6.  I had to recheck again today and now I'm at 3.0.  I take 8 mg of coumadin on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  And 7.5 on the other days.  I used to take 8mg on Sundays too but since my INR didn't drop quite enough, we adjusted and I have to go back again in a week.  The ONLY reason I didn't mind taking the Lovenox injections was because there was no adjustments.  But the bruises and shots twice a day were dreadful.

Wishing you all a great week.  And yay for a 3 day weekend coming up!!

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