December 31, 2011

Hope for 2012

This year was rough.  But we all made it to the end.  And I really believe we ended stronger than we started.  I am  so ready for the fresh start of a new year.  So much hope.

I am hoping for good health for me.  If this is not the year I get my liver, God please let Anna have hers.  Give her the chance to enjoy the rest of her teen years.  She is only a child.  If I could, I would let every child go before me.  But in my heart, even if its selfish, I pray for my call too.  How could I not with 2 little boys of my own.  If anyone gets their gift in the new year, I hope it is Anna!  You can read more about Annas story HERE!

I have so many hopes for family this year.

If I could have anything this year, it would be more time with my family.  The boys miss their daddy and I miss my husband.  Thankfully his schedule has changed and for the most part, he is here every night for dinner!  And we are all happier for it.  I'm also hoping for some time for just the two of us.  I hope that David gets a raise or better yet paid his worth!  I hope that Anthony continues doing so well in school and enjoying it.  I hope that Alex will learn continue to fine tune his speech and I really hope that he does well when he starts speech class at school next month.  I hope that I am able to follow the lifestyle that I need to. I hope that I find more time to do things for me and am feel less guilty about it.  I hope I continue to live life to the fullest.  And cherish it all.

I hope for my brothers and sisters, I'm sure you know which one is for you...

That I get more time to talk to you.  I miss our talks.  A year of less stress and more smiles.  Less tears and more laughs!  I hope you find the happiness that seems to have left you over the past few years.  You deserve it more than anyone.

That find your place in the family and realizes you are every bit a part of it as we all are.  Don't be such a stranger. I promise to call you with more good news than bad this year!  Come and visit us.  The boys would love to finally meet you.

That you see just how beautiful your family is.  You have been blessed beyond words.  I hope that you guys get more time together this year than apart and I pray that it brings you all closer.

I hope that you find peace in the life that is laid out before you.  Its not the easiest but its not  a death sentence either.  I'm not saying to give up, but don't let your past define your future. Those of us who matter know the man you are and the man you can be.  We love you

I hope that this year brings you growth and experience.  I'm talking about making friends, going out (and behaving)!  Doing things that other kids your age are doing.  It is such a big world out there!  Keep working hard and having fun.  This is going to be a big year for you.

I hope for all of the smoking and drinking, the fighting and backstabbing and the lying and sneaking stop this year.  Its been this way for far to long and we have overcome so much together.  Let this year be the year we all accept what has happened and work harder to only make it right.  And I know its a long shot, but I hope this is the year we finally all get together.  We need it.  I would love it.

What are your hopes for the year?  What are your resolution or goal for the year?  I have yet to come up with any specifics, I want to make sure they are realistic and more meaningful this year.  Here is to a happy and healthy new year for us all!  Much love!

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