November 1, 2011

Titles of my future book

OK I just now sat down to go though my emails and so I didn't have much time to think these through.  But here goes. Day one of NHBPM (National health blog post month)

5 titles of my future books

1. Hope Whispers.  Everything was perfect.  A loving husband and sweet little boy and one more on the way, life could not possible get any better.  It wasn't quite what Kim had imagined her life would be like, but none the less she was living it and loving it.  Until the day it was all pulled out from beneath her.  On a routine ultrasound of her unborn child, Kim was told there was something wrong with her liver.  Finding out later that she was going to need a liver transplant or she could die.  How would she explain this to her children.  Would her husband stick by her though the journey? All she could do was hang on to what little hope she had left and pray it would all be OK.

2. A liver friendly cook book.  When I first found out I had liver disease and was going to need to severely adjust my diet, I did what anyone else would do.  I looked high and low for recipes that would not only be liver friendly but husband and kid approved to.  I took recipes that we loved, adjusted a few things and still had great tasting, filling and family friendly meals.

3.Intoxicated Youth.  No one besides us ever really knew what went on behind closed doors.  The late night arguments and fights.  The screaming and the bottles breaking.  Hiding in the closets with our hands over the ears of the little ones.  Crying ourselves to sleep at night and praying that tomorrow things would change.  Tomorrow never came.

4.I love you more.  This is a story of a little boys who finds out that his mom is sick.  He begs her please to get better.  He cries "I love you mom" and she always replies " I love you more"

5.My life for yours.  Finding peace after organ donation.  This would be a collection of stories and letters about people who have received the gift of life though organ donation.  What is it like to know that someone had to die in order for you to live? What is it like to meet the family of your donor?  How can we get more people to understand organ donation and sign up to be organ donors too?

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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