November 28, 2011

Remember when

Free write a post that starts with the line “I still remember…” See where a memory takes you. Write for 15 minutes (without stopping if you can) then go back and see what you came up with. What was the story that you told?

I still remember the days we used to go to the park for hours on end.  When the house was filled baby belly laughs and the pitter patter of tiny feet running around.  I remember the biggest decision of the day was sweet potatoes or bananas.  Bottle washing and pumping in the middle of the night.  I still remember that newborn baby smell and that heartbreaking crying.  Tiny peeling hands and the sweetest little toes.  The cooing and the spit bubbles.  The feeling of calm when they fell asleep in my arms.  The hugs in the middle of tantrums.  The first time they said Momma and I love you!  The bumps and bruises from learning how to crawl, walk, run and ride a bike.  The tears over broken toys and the smiles at the sight of new ones.   I still remember the excitement I felt when I learned they were coming and the falling in love with them the second they were placed in my arms for the first time.  The butterflies on the first day of school and the consoling after his first bad day.  I still remember the pride I felt watching him get on the school bus for the first time and the fear when he got off on the wrong stop.  I still remember all the ultrasounds and stress tests.  The way they rolled like crazy when certain songs were on the radio and the way they always calmed down when I talked to them.  I still remember the first time David felt him move and the way he looked when he held his boys for the first time!  I still remember promising them that no matter what I would love them forever.  That I will always do whats best for them and that I would move mountains to keep them safe. 

Yes, I still remember the days when my boys were just babies. They grow so fast.  And as much as I want to stop it and just keep them little, I will sit back and enjoy the boys they are now and the men they will become.  

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts 30 days:

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