November 22, 2011

Its ok to laugh!

Today we are writing about things that make us laugh.  Laughter after all is the BEST medicine right?  And for many of us that are sick we know just how far a little laughter can go!

There is never a shortage of humor in this house.  Especially when you add the boys in the mix.  Each in their own way, can make me laugh until I cry.  They keep me laughing though all the bad. But its their faces that crack me up the most.  Funny faces keep us out of trouble.  Sometimes with the boys are arguing I let make faces at each other.  By the time they are done laughing they forget they were even arguing.  Or when I am frustrated, I will make a funny face at them and everyone wins.  No yelling just laughing!  Just the way we like it around here.



alexBW IMAG0901


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