November 16, 2011

Can I?

I think I can get through the holidays with out crying
I think I can be a better listener and friend
I think I can complain a lot less
I think I can take a few mins each day for myself
I think I can go to bed a little earlier
I think I can sneak in more hugs and kisses in the day
I think I can talk to all of my brothers and sisters in the same week
I think I can send out Christmas cards this year...on time ;-)
I think I can make more healthier home cooked meals for the family
I think I can accept the help that is being offered to me
I think I can get though the rest of this challenge
I know I can take better care of myself and not feel guilty
I know I can be a more patient wife and mom
I know I can stop trying to help people who will only hold it against me
I know I can put my families needs before all others
I know I can be a little more social...In real life.

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts 30 days:   

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