September 21, 2011

Liver Clinic Update

Is it wierd that I am freaking out because I dont have to go back for 5 months?  The Dr who I saw was not my favorite regular Dr.  So things were a bit different.  It seems like more and more the nurses are doing what doctors used to.  First I saw a nurse who took my vitals.  BP105/50.  Temp 99.5.  Weight....yeah not going there.  Answered a hundred and one questions.  And then came a Dr who I had never seen before.  Who had me explain my answers to the questions asked by the nurse.  Then came the dreaded exam.  He looked at my chest for any spider veins.  Checked my hands for swelling and flapping. My eyes for any yellowing.  And then my belly.  Seriously, my liver and spleen are so large and swollen that anywhere you push its going to be tender. Yes here and yes there. I thought I was going to break my toes from curling them so bad.  He said he could feel that my spleen was quite big as well.  Fun times I tell you.  Then it was off for blood work.  Only 6 vials this time, thank God!

By the time we got home, I took some med and went to bed.  Im truly grateful to have my family here.  Uncle Jeff was in charge of homework and reading.  Aunty Bug picked the boys up and fed them and gave them a bath.  Bubu supervised!  And I woke up just in time to say goodnight to Ant. Talk about a quick day.  Of course I was up till 3am and up at 6 but I am feel well rested so no complaints here!

So unless anything changes, I think besides monthly blood work and a hematologist appointment, I'm done with Drs till the end of the year.  Oh and a trip to my primary for a flu shot as soon as I schedule that.  But all easy stuff. And with family here and next months Donate Life walk, then the holidays, the rest of the year is going to fly bye.  Which reminds me! I have so many fun holiday activities planned, thanks to Pinterest, my new love.  I should share them with you all.  Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week!

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