August 12, 2011

Making memories

When I first got excited about taking another family trip, I started thinking. It hasn't been that long since our trip to Austin. Why not stay home and just enjoy David's time off at home?o But when things started falling into place it seemed like it was meant to be. So here we go. The truth is, we might as well get away as much as we can now, while I am still able to. Who knows if this will be the last trip as a family we can take for a while. Or ever for that matter. You never know. And its something I'm very afraid of. Leaving this earth and leaving my boys without a ton of amazing memories.

I want them to look back and remember jumping on hotel beds. Playing I spy on our road trips. Slugbug. Trips to new and exciting places. And I want them to remember me right there with them. Happy, laughing and healthy. Like me, they love animals. So the first stop will be the zoo. We love the San Antonio Zoo, but any chance to see more animals is always fun! I love their faces when we make Texas shaped waffles at the hotel. Or the way Anthony always says Thank you for taking him to a hotel again. That boy loves to travel. I wish we could go to far off places. I wish I could take them home and show them where I grew up. Hopefully someday. But for now, we never go farther than 4 hours away. That way if I were to get my call, I could get back in time. Organs don't wait. And neither to moments like the ones we are about to make. So here is to making the most of the time I have now.

Much love!

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