August 23, 2011

Crashing in to 1st Grade

Yesterday it was official.  Summer is over and we are beginning a new chapter.  Anthony's first day of First Grade.  David and I dropped him off and he went straight in.  Of course we were the last to get there, so there was no picture time.  I can always get that later.  I told the teacher he wanted to ride the bus home.  And we left.  All I could think about all day was how fast he is growing up.

When we got home, things went just like always.  Alex played, David left for work and I tried to stay awake! Lunch then naps for both of us.  We woke up just in time to get dressed and head down to the bus stop.  Alex was peeking around the corner waiting for the big yellow bus.  Here it comes!  Kids get off, but no Anthony.  I asked where he was and the bus driver tells me " The little guy got off at the last stop with his friends"  To which I replied, He doesn't have any friends.  Ok I may have said it in a rude and snotty way.  But my baby was on the other end of the street with who knows who.  I went running.  Alex in one arm, camera swinging on the other.  Phone to my ear calling Melisa to go look for him.  Then David to freak him out too!  He was walking down the street with some kids and saw me.  No sweat of his back he was just walking along.  Go figure.

The rest of the day went almost as planned.  Snack, no homework, and play time.  Then came dinner, which went fairly smooth.  Everything was calming down until he decided to fly out of the bathtub.  Crack his head on the toilet and chest on the side of the tub.  Then falling down in a ball before I could scoop him up.  Rushed over to grandmas and then off to the ER! We got there at 8 and didn't go back till midnight.  Ant slept through his exam and woke up in the middle of his xrays.  And yes that went about as awful as you can imagine.  I think we got home around 2.  I think.

Today hes fine, sore, but nothing is broken. Praise the Lord!  He is still upset about missing school. But hes going back tomorrow.  I had planned out a whole post about how awesome his day was.  But I think we will have a redo!  So for now. Here we are before all the drama.  Looking somewhat awake and excited.

I hope you all had smooth and wonderful first days back.  Here is to a better tomorrow!

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