June 6, 2011

Unhappy Fish

I told you there would be tears.  You would think after 4 hours in the pool, a yummy lunch (that he wanted to eat in the pool)  and even a little sprite, the kid would be happy.  No such luck. He lives for the water.  And my neighbors probably wonder why every night around the same time there is all kinds of crying coming from the house.  Dont worry people, its just my unhappy fish out of water.


He actually fell asleep crying for the pool.  But as you can see, his cheeks were red enough.  And there is always tomorrow.  Swimming is our most favorite part of summer.  Whats yours?


  1. Hilarious! My little guys seems to cry for just about any reason these days. He's not a real big taker yet so I guess that his the form of communication he has chosen to get his point across ... hoping that passes quickly :( Maybe I should put him in the pool!