June 6, 2011

Summer time and the living is easy

Its our first week of summer.  Alex just got up.  Yes its almost 11 in the morning.  The boys are having a late breakfast while I finish up a few things here and then its time to rock.  I had to check first with our water company to make sure were were allowed to have the pool and slip and slide running.  We are on water restrictions around here.  Its dry and hot!  Seriously...its really really hot!

I knew summer would be challenging for me as I doing have half the energy I used to have.  And if I over do it, I will be paying all week.  So, I'm trying to plan a few things each day to do with the boys.  I have a list that I'm working on, thanks to my new found lover, Pinterest!  The only hard part is so many of the things I want to do but I cant, because of the whole no driving thing.  Not that big of a deal because we will just save them for the weekend when Davids home!  We are going to start the morning off with some swimming and beyblades.  Yall know what beyblades are right? They are all the rage with the boys these days. In the end its all about getting some good quality time in with the littlest loves of my life:-)

I'm thinking lunch will be sandwiches and fruit kabobs served outside of course because no one ever wants to come in after there is water in the pool.  These boys are like fish. Pool or tub, it doesn't matter.  There is always tears when its time to get out.  I might just have to join them in the water.  Theres nothing better than sunshine and swimming.  Its no Emon Beach, but it will do.

OK just felt like sharing our day while I had a few quiet moments. Now to finish up a few more things and get the day going!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  Much love!

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