February 4, 2011

She's back

I didn't know her very well growing up. She was taboo, no one talked about her. And thoes that ran into her, left and never came back. I knew she was a theif. I remember when she took my auntie and uncle. I was still pretty young, but I remember hurting. I was sad that my cousins hurt so badly. As the years passed, I could still see the pain they felt. But she went away for a while. I was glad she was gone! I prayed she stay away.

A few years later, there was a new boy in class. I fell head over heels the second I saw him. I knew we were going to be together. I remember the day he didn't come to school. On a tiny island, you can't hide. But he was gone! I later learned that someone he loved was sick. He had left to help. She was back! And just like before, she stole from him. His only brother...gone!

And now 11 years later she's back. With a vengeance. She's trying to take someone I love away from me. She's trying to hurt an old friend from high school. And she's trying to hurt the son of someone I love dearly. I prayed she be gone for good. Never hurting anyone I love.

Over the years I've hear stories of her. Robbing children of their parents. Taking babies before they even have a chance to live. Breaking peoples hearts and causing a pain so unbearable.

She will not win. We can not let her take anymore people away from us. She will not take from me what she has taken from so many others. I will stand and fight. Do what ever I can do to beat her down. She's nothing but a thief. She's a bitch. Her name is cancer.

Today was world cancer day. Do you stand up to cancer? How? Are you an organ or marrow donor? Has she taken anyone from you? We need to find better treatments, we need to find a cure!
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