November 21, 2010

Donate Life Walk

Yesterday was the 13th annual Vital Alliance Donate Life Run/Walk.  And it was one of the most humbling days of my life.  Even though I have to admit that I didn't talk to many people.  Just being around so many people who needed and supported Organ, Eye and Tissue donation, was beyond eye opening.  It was amazing to see how people came together.  There were teams of people.  Wearing the same shirt, with banners and flags.  There were puppies and dogs walking with us too.  Thankfully that kept Alex pretty occupied for the first half of the walk.  The rest was spent like this ;)  Gotta love kid friendly phone apps!


The runners took off first and when we were coming around the first bend one lone runner came flying past us.  If I heard correctly, he was 16 years old.  The other runners we a few mins behind him.  We clapped, whistled and cheered them as they passed us.  Maybe one day Ill have enough strength and energy to run it.  Its now on my bucket list!  The trail was nice too.  I'm sure its much more pretty during spring and summer, but I cant wait to get back out and explore Breckenridge Park.  I love the trails.


We finished in a little over an hour.  We stuck around for a while after to hear the awards get handed out.  We got our face painted by the clowns, got a balloon. met Sparky and of course had to play on the playground.  And a shout out to the ladies who were nursing their babies in public!  And shame on on the men who were staring!  Rude! OK back to the walk.  I had a wonderful time and cant wait to do it again next year.  Maybe Ill have a team by then.  Any one in?

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