September 13, 2010

Today Dr. visit.

Today was my check up with my PCP. Pointless if you ask me. I mean nothing is more exciting than spending 2 hours waiting for a 5 minute exam. OK, 10, but still! Went over my ER visit. He reminded me that they can't do my gall bladder scan until I'm done breastfeeding. Sorry but when my GI says its mostlikely NOT my gallbladder. And then you're telling me that after this scan I shouldn't come close to my kids for a week....yeah! I pass. I've had Xrays, ultrasound and MRI's and nothing came up on them. So I'm not sure what his deal is?!

Then the topic of fatigue came up. To which he said, he believes its from my liver...and the 10 lbs I've gained. And being a mom. His suggestion was a low fat diet. Add that to my low animal protein, low sodium, low vitamin K diet. Water here I come. Damn. Can we say boring? I need a personal chef. I will settle for my dietitian.

Now to get home, feed the boys, bathe them and put their sweet little butts to bed. Happy Monday :)
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