August 4, 2010

First ER trip

You know when your pregnant and every little twinge sends you in to a panic thinking its time.  Well This past weekend was something a little like that. Except I'm NOT pregnant and I wasn't really excited about any of it.

Last Thursday I woke up in pain.  A different pain.  Most of the time its my right side that hurts, this time is was my left.  So I got out of bed and tried to decide what it could be.  Gas maybe?  As the day went on, the pain got worse.  But stubborn me put it off.  By Friday morning, I couldn't walk standing straight up.  Anthony told me I looked like the number 7 because I was hunched over the better part of the day.  Hes such a sweet boy.  No really, he spent most of the day, tending to me, like he was my Doctor.  He checked my blood pressure and my heart.  Gave me water to help me feel better.  I had planned on going to the ER after David got home from work but no such luck.  He had to pull a double. And didn't get home till late, by then all I wanted to do was sleep.  Then I procrastinated all day and didn't end up going till the boys were all ready for bed Saturday night.

So to shorten it up a bit, the ER of course was a mess.  Waited for a good 2 hrs to get seen.  The Doctor was nice and the nurse was great.  Hey Brian!!  He called me Girlfriend and then apologized.  By then it was 5 something in the morning and his attitude was all that was keeping me from strangling someone.  Had a CT.  And then the Dr came in.  **Cue dramatic music**

So the Dr comes in, looks and my paperwork and says "OK, how do I explain this"  The first though in my head was What the hell do I have now.  I have managed to get two rare conditions already, third times a charm right.  Next thing I know he is draping a towel over arm and giving me anatomy 101.  Slowly the lump in my throat is getting bigger.  And then he says "its nothing big"  Just useless appendages that are inflamed.  But they will fall off when the blood supply gets cut off.  Sounds like fun right.  So he wrote me a  scrip for some meds and I was on my way.

And here I am on Thursday still in pain, but I can walk up right again.  Thank God.  And Alexander is happy that I can pick him up again, so that's another plus.  So all in all it wasn't half as bad as I though it was going to be.  But some one once told me that now that I am sick I should pack an ER bag because I'm going to be going there more often.  Makes sense, because we could have used a few things.  A pillow, maybe something to read or another bed perhaps...

God I love this man...


  1. I'm glad your feeling better! Little ones are so gentle when mom's under the weather! I definitely would not like to be the hurting one in a hospital waiting 2 hours.

  2. Christina SchladenAug 4, 2010, 8:01:00 PM

    I know this has been extremely hard to deal with, and I give you credit for making the best of what you have while you have it. You may not have the best life situation, but it's what you have. I hope the best for you through the long journey of BCS. ily:)