July 30, 2010


I had a feeling this day would come When something starts hurting and I dont know who to call. Another case of Kim has to many doctors -itus.

I woke up thia morning with a stabbing pain in my left side. At first I was cursing pms, but thanks to Mirena I dont have that problem any more. So I drank some water, it got worse. Picked Alex out of his crib just about dropped him becauae it hurt so bad. We laid in my bed for a little bit longer, but the pain would not pass. And it only seemed to radiate into my whole side. It hurts to lay down. It hurts to sit up straight. At the moment im looking real gangsta, all leaned back in the chair. Super classy!
Finally gave in and called the Transplant clinic. But it was lunch time, so I left a message and now Im just waiting for her to call back. I dont have the slightest clue as to what it is. My only gess is my spleen, because that is where it likes to hang out. Guess the only way to find out is to see the Dr. Its 3 pm now. I called at noon. Might have to be a pain and call again. That or I might fall asleep.
Hopefully this makes sense. The pain is getting to me. Ive been writing inbetween cat naps. I should probably eat something today, but it hurts to move. And there is no way Im making it down the stairs;) Gonna stop here before I get sidetracked. Much love

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  1. How's your spleen? Mine is larger then my liver (well, it was before transplant) and I used to get some massive pains on my left side that I could only contribute to that. An enlarged spleen is common with liver disease.... just a suggestion - but I'm no doctor. Hope you feel better babycakes.