April 24, 2010

Good news is nice

Guess who got a letter in the mail today. ME! And it was good news to. Almost as rare of an occasion as my rare liver disease :) I’m in such a silly mood tonight. So be warned...

Anyways! Earlier today I got a call from the Transplant Clinic asking if I had gotten the results of my OB but I hadn't. Unlike the rest of San Antonio, the clinic was still open and trying to get all my results together so they could decide whether or not to place me on the transplant list or not. Glad to see not everyone shuts down for Fiesta!

There was a letter for me in the mail today from the Radiologist and I cant say I opened it with a smile. Honestly I was expecting a bill, but it wasn’t. Instead it was letter telling me that the results of my breast ultrasounds were normal and that all is good in my boobie land. That’s right I said breast ultrasound. I guess because I am breastfeeding, I was not able to have a mammogram, so they opted for ultrasound. Fun times I tell you. But at least I know now that my heart and my girls are good to go!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Much love!

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