March 23, 2010

Transplant Appt

Tomorrow is my appointment at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital. Its been 6months since my last visit. I'm not expecting anything to change much tomorrow. I know we will go over my MRI results and probably a few other things. I am writing out my questions tonight. I have quite a few. The good thing is that my Dr is patient with me and apparently gets a kick out of my sarcasm :) It will be my first morning visit, so I hope he is a morning person!

Is it crazy that I'm not really nervous about tomorrow? Mostly I just want to get it over with and have a full 3 weeks without any appointments. And considering the last 3 weeks were full them, I think I deserve a little down time! Give my veins some time to recuperate from the constant poking. I wonder if I will need another liver biopsy? Not that I want one, but with my luck it will be a yearly thing like my endoscopy. Just another question to add to the list. Wish me luck...

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