March 24, 2010

Recap of the day

Well my appointment went pretty good today. Not at all what I was expecting. Dr O is a great Dr. And the nurses are the best. Its nice that they can still joke and be playful when there is so much going on. I feel so much more at ease that way. If I don't laugh, I will cry and so its a very good thing they keep me laughing.

How are about a quick line up of what went down today? I'm insanely tired, but just wanted to write it all out while its still fresh in my head.

* MRI shows not big changes :)
* My MELD score is 17
* No driving and careful with the stove!
* Prescription for Zifaxan give to help with the encephalopathy
* Dr O agrees with my application for disability
* Scheduled class and appts for my transplant evaluation
* They took 13 vials of blood and a urine sample
* Talked about why shunt would not be the best option right now.

Dropped of my script at CVS then came home. Called my lawyer to fill them in on whats new, left a message with the pediatrition to make sure the new meds are ok while breastfeeding, then called the Liver Clinic to let them know that the script went though and that the lawyer would be faxing over some papers for the Dr.

That is all I have written down. I keep a book to help me keep track of appointments, test and all that good stuff. I'm looking for a calendar type book to switch to, but for now its me and my little purple book :)

Off to take a nap! Much love.

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