March 14, 2010

New meds

So when I went in for my scope the Dr said I also had a infection. Its in my large intestine. And for the life of me, I cant remember the name of it. I was surprised to hear it though, because all my pain has been in m upper abdomen and nothing lower. So remember those meds I was complaining about, the ones that cost so much. Im guessing the reason why is because there are 8 more pills in one pack and I have to take it for the next 2 weeks. Its called The Prevpac. I take 4 in the am and 4 in the pm. I also take my regular reflux meds morning and night. And in the morning, I take my prenatals and my shot of lactulose. I feel like a druggie. And because I alternate my coumadin 9 one day and 10 the next, on the days I take 9 that's 4 pills alone. So many pills its confusing.

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