March 12, 2010

Blowing steam....and money

Yesterday I had my scope done. Everything looks fine. My labwork and ultrasounds are all good. Except for the fact that my liver and spleen are ridiculously large and I'm in constant pain. Somehow I have an infection in my intestines, so I was sent home with a script for that. I know I should be glad that there is nothing new going on, but I was really hoping for an answer to this pain.

Let me tell you. When your still half sedated and the lady at the pharmacy says your meds for 2 weeks is going to cost you $89. You become completely alert. Well in my case stand there speechless. Don't get me wrong, there are people out there who can afford to drop that kind of cash with no problem. But after paying $35 for a copay on Tuesday, $50 on a bill on Wednesday and then another $50 for a copay for my scope on Thursday, another $85. Not to mention the $10 meds I still had waiting there for me. What makes it worse is I have 3 appts next week and 1 the following all with $35 co pays.

I hate days like today. I had to get up early, call all my Drs and make sure that my new meds are compatible with my other ones. Then call the Pediatrician and make sure they are safe for nursing. Next I have to call my lawyer and give them the update on everything and pray that helps my disability case. Because that's the only thing that will help us get our feet back on the ground. I'm beyond exhausted and its only noon. My liver is killing me and my meds are making me sick to my stomach. And my 4 year old is begging to go out and play. Days like today I feel like a failure. But what else can I do besides put on my happy face and do what needs to be done. I pormise my next post will be a happy one! It is the weekend afterall, somethings bound to go right :)

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