February 10, 2010

Giving up

Ive decided to give up Drs for Lent! You should have seen my husbands face when I said that last night. At first he though maybe I didn't have any appointments for the next couple of weeks. Then he looked at the calender.

IF only I really could take a few weeks off. I will admit, things have been pretty nice lately. I am seeing my hematologist and my labs monthly. And am now mostly on 6 month visits with both my GI and the Transplant Dr. But the fun is over and its time for my 6 months visits again!

So tomorrow I see my hematologist, next week is an MRI, two weeks later is my check up at the Liver Clinic and I still need to schedule test and an appointment with my GI, based on what the Transplant Doc says. Then I need to see my primary Dr and my lady doc too.

I'm hoping that all goes well tomorrow, so that I get off to a good start! It seems like when I get bad news once, its bad with every visit. The worst I think could happen tomorrow is my INR is off. Thats always the case anyways. So maybe I will be spot on and not have to change my meds around!

All this while I am waiting to hear about my disability hearing. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Well no I am. I'm angry because there are people less deserving that were approved. I feel ashamed that I have to ask for help. And I am scared that I will be denied. I just hate the waiting.

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