August 1, 2021

Planning, Playing and Pool time

The weekends are just not long enough.  The weeks go by fast enough!  And Im starting to fee a little rushed here.  Le sigh.  I guess I can't life this vacation life forever.  NO?  Okay fine.  At least I have one week left before it all hits the fan.  I will try to just enjoy it while I can.

This week we a healthy balance of chilling on the couch and getting things done.  A little work and little play.  I like it when weeks balance themselves out like that but then this weekend we just kinda had so much fun time disappeared. But it full of so many fun and happy moments that we will remember always.  Thats what really matters.  What made you happy this week?  Here are a few things that made me smile.

Playing with Avocados.

Checking out the new High School.

Finishing week one of the new program.

Celebrating Davids Birthday!

Quiet time in the morning.

Getting my morning routine back.

Playing in the street.

Meeting our new Pediatrician.

Sibling Facetime.

Fun at the lagoon.

Can you store avocados in water?

When your little sister sends you another tiktok avocado hack and you just have to try it.  I mean, I had avocados so...  Does an avocado stay green if you store it in water for 24 hours?  YES, but it also gets watery, so if its for anything other than guac, just cut yourself open a whole new avocado.  Or eat the other half!  Also why are they so expensive for something that goes bad so fast?

Humble Mornings

With Summer winding down I have really been trying to make the most of it and enjoy it while it lasts.  This means getting up and getting my day started before everyone else.  Somedays I kill it and somedays, not so much.  But I love stepping out back for a few deep breaths as the sun comes up.  There is a lot of construction going on out there, so the earlier the better!

Demon Dumbells

After all the breaths, my meds and some journaling, comes the sweat.  I started a new program and just wrapped up week one.  I kicked one of these suckers and was for sure I broke my toe.  It instantly went a deep shade of purple and hurt like crazy.  I though I was going to be benched on the second day, but its feeling much better now and is more magenta-ish now.  So I think Im ok.  Guess Ill find out tomorrow when I start week 2.

Summer nights in the streets

This is my favorite part of summer!  Playing in the streets till the sun goes down.  But then we went and moved away from our neighbor families and its not as fun.  Thankfully these girls came up for one last summer sleepover and the kids just pick up like they still live right next door.  We spend the afternoon at the pool them came back to the house and did our thing. Garage door open, skateboards, pogo stick and balls flying all over the place.  Almost like nothing changed. Just a different city and now a cul de sac with no thru traffic!  They were also nice enough to bring me 1/3 of my plant collection that neighbor wife #2 is holding on for me until I could get back down there with a vehicle that can hold them all.  There are still so many more to move!  Don't judge me!

One of two boys is registered for school.  David got another year older.  I got to facetime and see all my brothers and sisters again, this time all at once!  And we had a great visit with our new Pediatrician even though the boys both got shots.   It was a great week and hopefully this next week will be just as awesome.  Minus the whole toe fiasco!  

What made you happy this week?  Something big or small?  I want to hear all about it!

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