August 31, 2021

Life Update

I kinda feel like Im falling behind here.  Its been quiet around here for way to long and I need to just jump back in and get back to it.  And probably share something other than a damned menu.  I have been more active on IG but even there, I have been laying low and trying to process life.  Lots of things here.

So let me tell you a little story and catch everyone up with the craziness I am so lucky to call life.  Most of it I have shared over the weeks but there are a few pieces of the puzzle to plug in.  So let's see.

New House Who Dis

We moved sold our house in San Antonio in April and closed on a house in Houston in May.  The boys stayed with Grandpa and Grandma to finish up the school year down there while David and I got things situated up here.  

The move to Houston was a giant step out of our comfort zone.  Something we never do...but the job was what David had been working towards the last 13 years with the company so we jumped.  And two weeks after we closed on our house, he was laid off.  I know I joke about my bad luck but y'all, I swear.  

When we decided to move we talked to the boys about it first to make sure it wasn't going to be a bad transition for them.  Honestly if they would have said no, we wouldn't have moved, but we were all in.  100%.  They asked for ONE thing.  That when we got a new house, we could get a puppy.  The minute before Davids boss told him he was out of a job, I said yes to a puppy.  Then the next minute had to pull out because holy crap what was even happening?!

Thankfully there was a package option that included a few months of pay and insurance because, hello multiple chronic illnesses.

Summer Smiles

We got the boys moved up here at the beginning of summer and just decided to wing it.  After dealing with all the stress of moving and then getting the rug pulled out from underneath us, we decided to make the most of the time we had together.  We packed up and went to visit family.  Three weeks away was the most we have ever been gone and together.  It was amazing and we got to see all my siblings in one trip.  We relaxed and explored and just let things go for a while.  The boys spent most of their vacation in the pool with smiles I hadn't seen in a while!

Back to School 2021

As soon as we got back it was time to jump into school which was a whole other headache.  Do they go, do they stay.  What the hell is the right or wrong choice.  In the end we as a family decided both boys would start the year in school and we would go from there.  With one of them coming up on the end of their high school career (Junior this year) I knew it would be best for him to have more in class instruction.  And his classes would be harder online.  I mean how can you take Agriculture and not touch an animal.  For the younger one, it was a decision based on his need for interaction.  Being separated from his peers and adults other than me, had really set him back a bit.  He lost that creative spark.  Now he comes home telling me about how he is working hard to engage in each class and his attitude is much better these days.

We are slowing getting all our doctors moved up to Houston.  Anthony met his new Endocrinologist and I met my new Liver Doctor.  Alex was supposed to have his braces off by November but now I can't find a dentist who will work with another dentists braces and might actually have to pay to get them taken off and put back on. just never stops.  I digress.

The bridge

OH,  And see that gap in the trees?  They are building a freaking bridge right there!  And its going to change my whole morning view!  I can't even make this stuff up!  OK Im really done!

If you made it this far, heeeey!  I so appreciate all the super supportive messages I have been getting.  Seriously life saving.  Because as you can guess, I have been pretty much out of my mind and completely overwhelmed lately.  David is on the hunt for a new job and Im not going to lie, having him home has been the best.  Not having to worry about how the boys are going to get to and from school or doctors appointments.  Having him home during this transition has been a blessing and a curse.  Less of a curse since hes still getting paid for a few more months.  I kid.  I love that man something big!

I keep telling myself things are going to calm down.  That things will get easier.  That things will get less...overwhelming.  They will!  They will? Right?  

So theres my explanation.  I have so much more to share but life keeps interrupting.  I need to be more intentional about sharing because its what I love to do.  I love this little community I have gathered here online.  I will be better!  

Have an amazing week everyone! 

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