May 11, 2020

Menu Plan 5•11•20

Ok Guys.  Its a new week.  Who is ready for it?  Id like to think I am but Im sure life will throw me some kind of curve call to knock me off my game.  And when it does, I will do my best to just roll with it.

Menu Plan Monday

We had a very chill weekend.  Got all our errands done on Saturday so that yesterday all we had to worry about Sunday was the weather.  And it turned out to be another amazing day. The best weekend weather we have had in a while.  We snacked on lumpia all weekend.  David grilled burgers Saturday. and took care of dinner Sunday too.  Yay for no cooking.  I'll be back in the kitchen today.  But I really did appreciate that little break! This weeks menu is done.  And there is a little of everything.  Check it out!

Hamburger Macaroni
Mushroom Chicken
Chicken and Zucchini Skillet
Turkey Avocado Wraps
Anthonys Choice

I think we will keep it easy tonight with wraps or mushroom chicken.  I guess we will see how Im feeling when its time to start cooking.  Anthony chose Hamburger mac from Thursday and then I am 99% sure he will pick steaks for Friday.  We will be celebrating a day late.

Anthonys Birthday is on Thursday.  15 came fast and Im still trying to wrap my head around it.  Seems like just yesterday that he crashing around the house like a wrecking ball in diapers.  I have to say, 14 was a pretty good year.  Before quarantine he was thriving in school again and my mom heart was so happy to hear him talk about how much better the High School experience has been after the hell that was middle school.  Which we will be starting all over again with Alex next year. Oh joy!

Weekend Eats

What made it on your menu this week?  Drop me a comment and let me know what you are cooking up!  Im always looking for some new ideas!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Did all you moms out there got a chance to relax and take some time for yourself?  Time to rest and recharge.  I hope so, because its Monday and its back to our routines and craziness.  Let's do this!

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