April 8, 2020

April 2020 Goals and Mantra

This months big goal is to just make it though another month.  The world is so uncertain right now.  We are on stay at home orders until the end of the month.  School is out until next month too.  But everyday things are changing.  Who knows what the rest of the month will bring.  So really, if we can just get though it, that would be great.

Lately we have kinda been winging life.  And its kinda been working.  Locking in rules and goals is kinda scary when things are always changing.  But I also feel like having a plan wouldn't hurt either.  So Im setting some goals and intentions for the month.  Goals to cross off and intentions to work on daily.

Clean out closets
Read 2 books
Write more and post
Bake something new
Take more pictures

Wake up earlier
Be unapologetically me
Find peace in each day
One on one time.
Check in on people.


So I know its not quite a mantra but I would love to remind myself every day to do what I can to keep my anxiety in check.  The other day Alex made a comment on how I have been calm so he has been calm.  It was a good reminder that they feed off of my energy and that keeping myself calm has helped more than just me.  So this month I will be keeping life calm and simple.

Life is still crazy, but I feel like we finally found our footing and are settling into our new normal.  The boys are cruising along in distance learning.  I have been able to catch up on laundry finally.  The best part of online school is that you don't have to get dressed.  And my boys are thrilled about that. Hello less laundry!  It has also given us more time to just be together and that is the best part.  Lunch time has been so much better with company!

There is something Im struggling with.  Waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Things are never this easy for me.  I have been talking with friends who are really struggling and Im here like, we are totally doing this!  Am I missing something?  And what am I supposed to do with this new calmness?  How do I enjoy it and not feel guilty?

Now its your turn to share.  Have you set goals or intentions for the month?  How are you dealing with the craziness?  Seriously I want to know, good or bad!  

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