March 2, 2020

Menu Plan 3•2•20

The sun is peeking over the clouds, the boys were up the first time I asked them and my coffee is brewing.  Oh, how I hope this calmness stays around for a little bit.  (Who am I kidding, before I have even got to hit post I had to run up to the school to drop off a permission slip I forgot to put in Alex's folder) Plus, its 66° outside.  Heck yeah!  Everyone is happy to be back in shorts this morning.

I love starting the week off with my menu planned and ready to go.  Confession time.  I have been slacking on my menu game.  Im supposed to have it ready to go by Fridays so that I can do my shopping on the weekend but this week and a few others in the last few weeks have been picked up on Mondays.  I mean its planned but I just didn't execute the plan well.  So one of my goals for the month will be to get off this procrastination train and get right with Jesus.  This weeks menu is not bad though.  What do you think?

Monday:   Air Fried Salmon and salads.

Tuesday:  Tacos.

Wednesday:  Chicken Adobo and rice.

Thursday:  Mozzarella Chicken and salads.

Friday:  Shrimp Scampi and salads.

Salmon topped with a lemon and herb crumb is one of my favorites.

Im going back to giving each meal a day because winging it usually meant I changed things up last minute and then was running late getting dinner started because I couldn't decide.  Im horrible about having choices.  So Im nailing down the menu and locking it in for the week.

David pointed out that I haven't baked anything fun lately so Im on the hunt for a nice dessert I could make.  With Spring on its way, maybe I will make something fruity...  Anyone have a favorite spring dessert you can share?  I also need to step up my cooking game and try some new recipes.  Maybe challenge myself a little more?  Guess I'll add that to my goals list too.  

So, whats on your menu for the week? 

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