October 28, 2019

Menu Monday 10•28•19

And here we are!  Another Monday.  The weekend went by way to fast!  Especially for a lazy one.  We did get manage to get out and get some air.  We took a trip down to one of our favorite parks.  With a stop at the bakery first for some sweets.  Then we walked around a bit and let the boys burn off some energy.  Ok mostly Alex.  He woke up that morning and told me he felt like he needed to do lots of moving so, he did.   Then later that day our little neighbor family gathered around a fire and laughed until we just couldn't any more and called it a night.  Marshmallows, laughter and a warm fire.  There will be more of that this Fall for sure.

Menu Plan

Sunday was all about catching up on rest and laundry and pulling myself together so that I could leave the house and actually go into a store to get groceries.  What was I even thinking.  Curbside is so much easier.  But picking out my meat and veggies again was a nice change.   We almost didn't make it yesterday and thought about just going today after David gets home but I sucked it up and put my pants on.  This weeks menu is planned and my fridge is stocked.  Its going to be quite the week around here.  Tuesday we have Trunk or Treat at the school.  And Thursday is Halloween.   So I tried my best to plan accordingly.  Here are this weeks meals...

  • Mushroom Chicken
  • Lumpia
  • Ham
  • Leftover Night
  • Baked Chicken Legs

I think I will just make the mushroom chicken tonight.  Kick of the week with something filling.  Lumpia will probably be best for Tuesday since the boys pretty much eat it as the whole meal.  At least it is filled with meat and veggies.  Halloween will be a fend for yourself kinda night.  Everything in the fridge is fair game.  Who knows if I will stick to this plan, but its sounds pretty legit to me.

The puppies are spending a night away tonight and will be getting the big snip tomorrow.  They could be gone as soon as Saturday.  It's a little bitter sweet knowing I can break the kennel down until next year.  November and December are just packed with all kids of adventures though so I'm excited.  I love Halloween but we all know I live for Thanksgiving.  Not 100% sure who will be here yet but I know my mom will be, and a couple of friends are planning on stopping by too.  Plus the boys having a week off means I'm off duty.  Sleeping in, no putting pants on to leave the house for school pick up and some quality time with my boys.  My mom and sister will be here at the house for a few days that week and a few friends should be stopping by here and there.  I can't wait.

Castroville Park

I think the highlight of my weekend was getting to spend a little time with just Ant this weekend.  We walked down to the river at the park and just were.  No conversation, just soaked in the beauty we were surrounded by.  Then the bushes moved and he reminded me of the mountain lion sightings.  We all but ran back up to the road.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Like maybe plan your menu...just saying!  It makes life a whole bunch easier!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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