September 2, 2019

Menu Monday: 9•2•19

OK September, where did you even come from?  Kidding!  I have been waiting for you and I am praying you brought some cooler weather with you!  Did you?  You guys!  Im dying in this heat and this has never happened before.  I grew up in the sun, I thrive on the sun, but lately the heat just zaps all my energy out of me.  The other day I went to bed at 5pm.  Woke up for two hours at 9 then went back to bed till 6am.  Thats more sleep than I usually get in a week!

You know what else I have been getting a lot of?  Food.  I haven't eaten this much solid food in forever.  August was a bust.  I mean the food was all good, but my body is kind of in food shock.  Im putting in an order for my protein and nutrition powders and and going to get back on track.  My lab work was all sorts of shady and I know exactly why.  Still cooking, just eating less.  The menu plan goes on!  And here is what made the cut this week!

Spicy Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

Chicken Taco Lettuce Wraps

Roasted Whole Chicken


Homemade Chick-fil-A Sandwiches

Nothing super fancy but it will do.  Im trying to find meals I can make and have ready by the time we get back with the little kids from school.  The less I have to spend in the kitchen once we get home, the more time to play with and keep and eye on the kids.  Plus, that way there is no rushing.  Im all about that!

Tonight we are trying out this weeks only new recipe.  Yay for meatless Monday!  The rest of the week is all chicken.  At least the flavors are all very different, right?

Also, we totally slacked off this weekend and never made it to the store.  BUT!  My groceries should be delivered here shortly.  I mean, if HEB is going to offer free next day deliver and pick up, why the hell not! 

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all have an amazing week!

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