September 16, 2019

Menu Monday 9•16•19

Is it just me or is this month in a rush?  I don't mind, I just cant believe that it is already half way to October.  I should probably really get to getting my life back on track.  My menus are pretty much the only thing planned each week.  Id like to think we are still getting used to our back to school life and that is why things have been so hectic.  Yeah, I know we are going on week 4 but, I'm going to go with that!

Speaking of menu, this weeks menu is up and ready to go.  Nothing super fun.  I am trying another lettuce wrap recipe.  I'm on the search for one that the guys love.  So far they have like them all but I haven't found one they all love.  Anyone who knows me, knows I hate wasting food and the last few weeks we have tossed out leftovers like crazy.  My goal for this week is zero waste.  Whats cooked will get eaten!  And I love that all these dinners can be pretty much done by the time we go to pick up the little kids from school.  Here is this weeks menu...

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf

Baked Lime Chicken
Leftover Rice
Squash & Zucchini

Tuna Casserole

Chicken Tacos

We are at a weird in between stage.  I'm craving all my fall favorites but most of them are going have to wait a few more weeks.  Chili and stew and soups, oh my...god, its just to hot for that!  We should be in the low 90s the last few days of this week but that's not quite cool enough!  High of 88 expected on Thursday!  I have been trying to avoid turning the stove on!  I will need to roast my broccoli and bake the casserole on Thursday but that's it!

Do you cook more in the oven or on the stove?

This weekend was a major lazy one.  Anthony had a friend stay both days so other than running some errands, we stuck close to home.  Teenagers, I tell you.  Man, are they something else or what?!  Today I am off to the doctor to recheck my blood work.  I should get back with enough time to get dinner done before I walk up the hill to get the kids from school. I'm actually a little excited about walking.  Lord knows I need it!

How was your weekend?  Are you ready for another week?

Happy Monday everyone!  Let's do this!

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