July 8, 2019

Menu Monday 7•8•19

Hello Monday!  Things are slowly settling in to their new ways around here.  I'm feeling a little like I don't know what to do with myself but don't worry there is always something to do around here.  So we are keeping busy.  They show has changed but it must go on right?!

I'm so bummed that Summer seems to be flying right by us.  Time to make a dent in that Summer Bucket List.  But for today, all I'm worried about is getting my menu planned and dinner on the table.  During the school year, we usually eat pretty early since the boys are in bed by 8.  During the summer we push dinner back a few hours so that they aren't scrounging for a second dinner when I'm trying to go to bed.  Bedtimes are kinda lost during Summer.  I mean what fun is summer if you don't get to stay up later!

This weeks menu is just like the rest.  Simple and easy.  Let's see what made the cut this week...

Tuna Casserole

Fish Tacos


South West Steak Wraps


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We didn't do anything super.  David had to work Friday so the Fourth we didn't get fireworks but I did get to watch a friends nephew set off a few before they came over for S'mores.  My back yard is always gets a prime firework show thanks to my crazy neighborhood and their love of blowing things up way past midnight.  

Saturday night was a movie night.  Alex's favorite Marvel Character is Spiderman, so we watched Into the Spider-Verse.  Then yesterday we wen to watch Far From Home.  Spidey-Fever around here.  I am missing Thor already but we wont go there.  

This week is an appointment free week.  Crazy I know.  Next week, not so much.  Next Monday is Transplant Clinic and I am hoping to squeeze in another appointment that day since he will be home and never gets to come with me.  It's like Russian roulette, I just have to spin and see what doctor it lands on.  I am so behind in my own doctor visits its not even funny. I really need to get my life together.

Did everyone have a awesome and safe holiday weekend?  Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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