July 29, 2019

Menu Monday 7•29•19

OK.  I'm Determined to stay caught up this week.  Yes, with a capital D, because man I failed this weekend.  Mostly we just lazed around.  While the boys kept busy with their friends, David and I were mostly quarantined in our room keeping the germs in.  Thankfully everyone is feeling much better and hopefully it stay s that way!

Menu Plan Monday

This weeks menu is full of some tasty dinners.  Some tried and true and a few new dishes.  Want to see whats cooking this week in our kitchen?  Here is this weeks menu!


Thai Beef Wraps

Arroz Con Pollo



Thai Beef Wraps
Thai Beef Wraps

So tonight's dinner is almost like a dish I have made many times before and the guys love.  But I'm curious to see what adding a little horseradish does to it. 

Tuesday is bringing us a meal that I realized I haven't made all year and I should have.  The first time I made these the boys ate the whole thin before David got home from work.  Luckily I had another package of meat and more lettuce!  I think we are all excited for this!

Alex always picks chicken and rice when I ask for dinner ideas.  I thew in the lime chicken because its super easy and packed full of flavor.  We will have it over salad or in lettuce leaves.  And then the teenager picked burgers.  Hopefully this time the weather will stay clear and he can grill them for me!

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Have you tried anything new that you loved?  Or hated?

Happy Monday Everyone.  Here's to hoping the week is short and tasty!

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